“Situations that derail you often define your future success.” – Zac Vidic, M.S. Sport, Exercise, & Performance Psychology

Zac Vidic joined the gO team on the gO performance and gO initiative side of the practice in the Summer of 2017. As a member of the former Crested Butte Academy Alpine Racing team he is very familiar with the valley and our culture of sport. His vision for enhancing optimal Mental Performance began long ago in the cornfields of Indiana. He managed to start skiing at the age of two, and since then, sports have played a fundamental role in his existence, not only on the field or mountain, but also throughout his education and career.
After a few poor seasons and a season ending shoulder surgery, he decided to leave ski racing behind. In retrospect, his head was not on straight. He was not aware of the mental tools and resources that could have been used to help him overcome significant performance-related and post-surgical setbacks that were playing a larger role in his life and self-worth. Leaving a sport that he had dedicated the majority of his young life to was a decision that would shape his future.
In the years that followed and through extensive research in undergrad, he discovered a field that could have helped him think more efficiently in order to perform optimally in sport and life: Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology.
This drove Zac to pursue his Master’s Degree in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology at Barry University, one of the top twenty programs in the nation for Sport Psychology. Barry provided Zac with a comprehensive education and exposed him to some of the most esteemed Sport Psychology Professionals in the country offering the best education, cutting edge research, and work as a Mental Performance Consultant/Coach with NCAA Athletes, teams, coaches, and parents.
Upon completion of his degree, Zac was selected for a highly competitive internship under one of the foremost sport psychology coaches in the United States: Dr. Rob Bell. During his time working for Dr. Bell, he was fueled with the final bits of knowledge to live out his passion of Mental Performance Consulting and to start his own practice. From there the continual pursuit of knowledge did not cease; most recently he was selected for a highly competitive position as a book research assistant for one of the most highly regarded Sport Psychology Professionals in the World, especially for his expertise with parenting and ski racing, Dr. Jim Taylor. The book is tentatively titled, “Prime Sport Parenting: How to Help Your Athlete Succeed in the Game of Life”.
As an accepted member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) and American Psychological Association (APA), Zac has continued to expand his knowledge base through research, regional and national conferences, and mentorship.