“Thanks to everyone and we won’t name everyone in case we leave someone out in all of your important parts of getting Tom’s leg put back together again! It looks good, but he is anxious to do more! Thanks!”


Tom & Phyllis Popp

“My shoulder is better than before I hurt it. Thanks guys!”


Edward Cleary

“Dr. Griggs is an awesome doctor! He is professional, kind, knowledgeable and caring. After breaking my elbow in a mountain biking accident he has helped give me the ability and confidence needed to return to my profession as a licensed massage therapist. I feel very fortunate to have had him work on me. Thanks Doc G”!


Cathy Amenta

“What a fantastic group of folks who really practice what they preach. I have not had the need for medical attention but when it happens it would seem silly to look elsewhere. They keep me inspired to continue to gO further on the bike then I thought I ever could.”


John Kowalsky

“Dr. Griggs and his team rock this valley. They support anything and everything, are sweet people, and love to gO play!”


Molly Dillon

“I love gO Orthopedics. Dr. Griggs really listens and cares about his patients. He has fixed both my thumbs and my right hand and they are great now. I have heard good things about Dr. Clifton.”


Zelda Tibbens

“I’ve had two surgeries performed by Dr. Clifton. He is very professional, tries to do everything to avoid surgery, and really takes time to understand his patients. I highly recommend gO Orthopedics!!”


Wendy Zenger Boardman

“Dr. Clifton is one amazing doctor. He did a hip replacement for me. I was using a walker, I would fall down because my hip would give out, my hip would lock up where I couldn’t move. I was like that for almost 7 years until I saw Dr. Clifton. I am now at 6 month post surgery and walking without a walker and enjoying my life again. Thank you so much Dr. Clifton.”

Lori Walker

“As a lifelong ballerina, I’ve had my fair share of orthopedic injuries. I’ve been fortunate enough to be treated by some of the nation’s most esteemed orthopedic surgeons. I can say, without question, that the care I received from Dr. Griggs is at the top of that list.”

G. Cabrera

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