When I’m standing on the start line and I hear the announcer say “one minute until the start” I take a deep breath and allow myself to relax. It’s easy to get caught up in the start, I know how much pain is coming, but I just embrace it. Last weekend “Battle the Bear” was the name of my pain!


Once the announcer yelled “Go” I knew my SRAM XX1 was shifting like butter and my Stan’s NoTubes wheels had the ability to roll fast, it was just 60 miles that awaited my legs and lungs. When the craziness of the start settles, I take another deep breath and begin to race. I always have a goal; get faster and faster each mile. It’s a fine balance, but I seemed to manage that goal until about mile 50 and then the pain sets in; however I convince myself, one mile at a time, that I can still go hard.


With the finish line in sight, I take a moment to relish in a successful day of racing. Taking 2nd place felt good, once I cross the finish line that is.