On our way to 12 Hours of Mesa Verde, Dave showed us a youtube of Charles Ramsey’s interview with CNN (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b04BaQKo6ic).  It’s intimidating lining up against a stacked field of racers who have been riding their bikes all spring while some of us are still unbuckling our ski boots. But Charles puts it best: “We bleed the same blood, put our pants on the same way….you gotta have some cahones, bro, that’s all its about, it’s about cahones on this planet.”  The GO team raced with cahones this weekend (especially the ladies).  Everyone made the podium, from our solo racers to our four man teams. When you show up to a 12-hour race with cahones, it is nice to know that they’ll be comfy and chaffe-free. Our new Pearl Izumi kits were awesome, and I can truly say that was the most painless first-long-ride-of-the-season experience I’ve had in that nether region.

Dr. Rouse from Acli-mate gave our team a nutrition seminar a couple days before the race.  I followed her advice of loading up on critical minerals and vitamins the day before with Acli-mate’s mountain sports drink, and then keeping the carbs and electrolytes rolling with Acli-mate’s endurance sports drink during race day.  I felt so good going into the 10th hour of the race that I wish the racing had lasted a few more hours! Evan and I snuck from 6th place to 4th place in the last few laps in the duo men division. Thanks Dr. Griggs!