Crested Butte has no limit on the number of trails and the Fat Tire 40 takes advantage of that. People call it a “real” mountain bike race, hitting up some of the best single track in Crested Butte… it’s also an ass kicking! For me the FT40 ended up being one of the most challenging and successful races so far this year.

Once the FT40 got under way, I relaxed and prepared for a hard effort. The course has many climbs with a few long sustained climbs; I knew that was what I had to take advantage of. Every climb became its own race, and sure enough by half way through the FT40 I was able to move into second place. Unfortunately, the two guys chasing me went by the names Brian Smith and Jay Henry… no slouches by any means.

Once I hit Gothic road and stared my journey back to Mount CB, all I could think about was putting as much effort as I had into my pedals. It’s just one of those things about racing, it hurts, but you know it’s getting you closer to the finish line. In the end Jay passed me on the last climb, but I was able to hold off Brian for a third place finish. Truthfully it was a fun race, just another day riding in the motherland.